Bey Pistachio Project 8

Kula, Manisa, TR
18487 m2

The land of 18,487 square metres, is less than 10 minutes away from Kula town center by car and is approximately 2 hours away from Izmir International Airport of Turkey.


Only a few minutes walking distance from the village centre, the land is flat and is only 50 meters from an asphalt road, meaning there are no transportation problems.On completion of the land preparation, the Pistachio planting will take place in November 2022. This land has the ideal climatic and perfect soil characteristics for Pistachio cultivation.The first harvest, which will be set up, managed and maintained by Agrolidya, is expected in the 4th year.


Agrolidya is an expert in agricultural land investments in Turkey and we can offer a free investment consultation service to prospective clients. We can give advice on Walnut orchard investment, Olive garden investment, Almond orchard investment and Pistachio orchard investment.


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