Golde Pistachio Project 6

Kula, Manisa, TR
85466 m2

Our sizeable land of 85,465 m², is located in the İncesu region, approximately 10 minutes away from Kula town in Manisa, Turkey. It is 1.5 hours away from Manisa city and approximately 2 hours away from İzmir International airport, in the third-largest city of Turkey.


Having completed thorough research to ensure the land had the ideal soil structure for Pistachio cultivation, all the necessary preparation was completed and the planting process will be carried out in April 2022.The rootstocks of the seedlings planted in the field are UCB1 pistachio rootstocks, which were developed by the University of California. All the saplings were produced in local conditions by the Agrolidya nurseries. Combining the rootstocks with the saplings, we are confident of providing a high yield for our investors.


We anticipate that the first harvest from the Pistachio orchard will be in 2025. All of the land preparation, cultivation and ongoing maintenance linked to the Pistachio production is performed by our expert team at Agrolidya.

We have many years of experience and knowledge on agricultural land investment in Turkey. We specialise with Pistachio orchard investments, which have proved to be the most profitable agricultural investment available.


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