CEO's Message

CEO's Message

CEO's Message

Dear Investors,

The pandemic continued worldwide in 2021, and we now see that the steps towards normalization have accelerated as of 2022. The global climate problems, drought, significant increase in energy and raw material prices, logistics-related issues, and fluctuations in the foreign exchange markets were felt by all humans in the world throughout 2021.

Although there have been severe contractions in many sectors mentioned above, we have achieved growth beyond expectations in the Agriculture and Real Estate sectors, which are our main fields of activity, due to the basic need of human beings for nutrition and shelter as Altur Investment. Especially in the agricultural sector, very high growth figures were achieved, and it has been understood again how vital agriculture is in the pandemic process. This understanding has led investors to show more interest in this sector.

Due to the recent Russia-Ukraine war, Turkey has become the first preferred country by the citizens of these countries. Increasing energy prices throughout Europe due to the effect of the war started to make the livelihood of retirees more difficult in many countries, and this again caused many Europeans to buy or rent real estate in Turkey. Real estate prices have increased by more than 100%. Due to all factors, there is demand above expectations in Turkey, especially in Istanbul and on all Aegean&Mediterranean coasts.

To maintain our growth in the coming years, we continue investing in the agriculture and real estate sectors without slowing down. Our greenhouse investments will continue rapidly in the coming months. The production season, around six months in typical greenhouse investments, increases the production up to 11 months in thermal greenhouses. For this reason, we will start investment in 2023 on our 200.000 square meters of land with 76 degrees thermal water. Our greenhouse investment, which will have a tomato production capacity of 12,000 tons, will be the most significant greenhouse heated with Geo-Thermal water in Turkey.

Our company, which continues its investments in the real estate sector and agriculture without slowing down, will offer projects with 120 flats in Antalya, Istanbul, and Manisa in 2023 to our investors.

Our agricultural sector achievements attracted our investors' attention and great interest in the press throughout 2022. Our company, the subject of much agricultural news throughout the year, was recently nominated for the Golden Company of the Agricultural Sector award at the Golden Quality Awards, which determines the best quality companies in the sectors.

With the support of our investors, we will continue to expand our Altur and other brands in a range that extends from our employees, who are vital links to our value chain, to our customers. I thank all our investors, employees, and consumers who accompanied and supported us on this journey.

Tamer Yaşar
Chief Excutive Officer

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