Kayacik Olive Project 1

Gordes, Manisa, TR
30900 m2

Olives are known as ‘The Fruit of Paradise’ in Turkey. They are consumed throughout the world, both as whole olives, or as olive oil. It is well known they are a very valuable fruit in terms of human health. An Olive Garden investment has consistently provided very high returns and you can start to get a return on your investment in a short time.

Our Olive garden project will be located in Kayacik Village, 15 minutes from Gördes Town of Manisa city.  It is 30,900 square meters in size and will be planted in November 2022. All the infrastructure is in place and it has easy access from an official road. The Arbequina variety, which has high oil content will be planted and the first harvest is expected in the 3rd year.


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