Modern luxury residential complex in Kestel

Kestel, Alanya, TR
60 m2
1 Room
1 Bathroom

Modern luxury residential complex in Kestel.

Our new modern luxury residential complex with magnificent views and chic infrastructure will be located in one of the best areas of Alanya, in Kestel.Thanks to the fact that the project is located on a hill, the apartments will have a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea, the Toros Mountains and the ancient fortress of Alanya, the view is especially beautiful in the evening light. A beautiful sandy beach and landscaped promenade are just 700 meters away from the residence. 

The place, where the complex will be located, is surrounded by greenery, with mountain scenery, orange and banana groves, which will appeal to both lovers of quiet relaxation, and those who prefer an active lifestyle.

The unique location combined with first-class quality construction, modern design and professional management will provide you with a comfortable lifestyle and guarantee the safety of your investment.

During the construction of the complex used only certified materials that meet international quality standards.

Construction of the complex is scheduled to begin in March 2022, and completion in March 2024, which gives you the opportunity to take advantage of interest-free installments until the end of construction.


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